Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life doesn't stop for anything! :)

As you can see, keeping up on my blog is nearly impossible for me. I am about as consistent as I am with writing in my journal. In fact, I started the blog to ease my guilt at not keeping a journal-I thought I'd be better at this. Not so much, it turns out. :) But I do want to record and remember all of the great and even not so great moments of my life. I have a wonderful life full of wonderful people and I want to be able to look back and see where we we've been. So, my New Year's (ok, so I'm a few months late--I've been busy) resolution is to add to my blog more than once a year. Surely I can do that?

I have to start with these great pictures that Chrissy Martin took for us. She is so talented and I she did an amazing job. I'm updating all of the pictures of my kids here. They've grown and changed.

We've had a busy year which included all kinds of activities. Soccer, softball, band, scouts, piano and church activities to name a few. We spent a lot of last year with Mark living in New Mexico. It was hard for our family and we missed him. Because of that, our most recent adventure involved a move to Lubbock, TX so that we could be together. I am still adjusting to the new location and I miss Fruita, Colorado like crazy. I don't think that I took for granted the amazing lifestyle that we enjoyed there, but now that we have moved, I really know how much I loved our time there. But we are making friends and learning to love things here in Texas. We have already met heaps of great people whom we are adding to our long list of people to love. Lexi had her tonsils out in March after having strep throat five times in a few months. The recovery was long and painful. She lost twelve pounds and nearly broke my heart. But now that she is feeling better and has been strep-free, we are thinking it was a good decision. Luke, Emily, Max and I were involved in a car accident in March. A woman slid on some ice and turned right in front of me. There was no way to avoid hitting her. Then after our car came to a stop in the road, another car came along, hit the same ice and slid into our car again. Not my best morning ever! :) Luckily, nobody was injured in any of the cars. I felt very blessed even though my minivan was totaled. I was reminded of one of the blessings of being a member of the church. A woman who I recognized from Relief Society, saw the accident and stopped to check on us. We had to introduce ourselves because we had never actually met, but I can't tell you how good it was to see the face of a sister from my ward. Mark is busy working and serving in the church. He commutes to Lovington, NM almost every day. It's a long drive, but we feel like living in Lubbock was a better plan for our family. I think this is where we are supposed to be right now. There are only a few more days left in this school year and we are all ready for summer!! I'm looking forward to going to girl's camp in June. It will be Emily's first year and I'm excited that I get to go with her. Luke will go to Especially For Youth that same week. Lexi, Adelaide and Max will get to spend the week with my parents. I'm thankful to my parents for being willing to help me. June will also be busy with football and tennis camps, and then we are planning to go to Utah for Mark's brother's wedding. We have planned a detour through Colorado. Yea!!!

There! I should be good for another year or so. :)


Richards Family said...

I can't believe how everyone is growing! Emily at girls camp!? Wow! We sure miss you, but glad to see things are going well for you (at least after all the bumps along the way).

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

We miss you!! Carli thinks about Adelaide all the time, did she get her letter? Hope you guys are happy!